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Microarray Analysis

Cutting-Edge Transcriptome Analysis

Choose from Affymetrix and Agilent platforms and take your pick of pre-designed or custom-designed arrays. Whether you are studying human, non-human primate, dog, rat or mouse species, Epistem's whole genome array services have got you covered.

Data Analysis

Unveiling the Hidden Insights of Your Genomics Data with Epistem's Comprehensive Analysis

Epistem undertakes comprehensive analysis of data using specialised software packages. This includes unbiased interrogation of genes differentially expressed between relevant comparison groups and focused analysis of genes or pathways of interest. Standard analysis includes comprehensive statistical analysis and ANOVAs based on group experimental factors.

Epistem conducts biological interpretation and pathway analysis using specialised software packages, enabling accurate interpretation of genomics data.

The Broad Institute Connectivity map is used to link gene patterns associated with disease to corresponding patterns produced by drug candidates. Epistem also specialises in deciphering gene expression information to obtain gene expression signatures relevant to specific compounds that can be used in clinical settings to monitor drug treatment.

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