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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Panels

World Renowned Knowledge of IBD Translated into Disease Panels

Epistem has combined RNA sequencing analysis from our T-cell transfer models with published research to create IBD panels for qPCR and RNA-sequencing. Our panel includes genes differentially expressed in normal IBD and treated models of the disease.

What's Available

Comprehensive Gene Expression Analysis for Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment of IBD

Proprietary IBD Panels

Epistem’s expertise in gastrointestinal epithelial biology and gene expression analysis has enabled the development of a suite of proprietary Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) panels. These panels are based on cutting-edge RNA sequencing analysis and incorporate published research to provide a comprehensive understanding of IBD. The IBD panels are available for both quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) and RNA-sequencing, allowing researchers and clinicians to accurately assess gene expression levels in IBD patients. The panels contain genes that are differentially expressed in both normal and treated models of IBD, providing valuable insights into the pathogenesis and treatment of this debilitating disease. By utilising these advanced IBD panels, researchers and healthcare professionals can enhance their understanding of the complex genetic factors contributing to IBD, and develop more effective treatment strategies for their patients.

Gut Microbiome Evaluation Panel

We offer advanced sequencing services for the V1-V4 hypervariable regions of the 16s RNA genes, with the option to sequence the V1-9 hypervariable regions upon request. Our sequencing services are suitable for general microbiome assessments, including those of the gut. In addition to our pre-designed panels, we also offer custom-designed panels for those requiring specific targets. Our NextSeq 550 and Fluidigm systems are both excellent platforms for targeted resequencing and target validation, providing cost-effective confirmation of potential biomarkers. These systems enable us to provide high-throughput, accurate and reliable sequencing data for a range of microbiome applications. Our expert team is committed to providing the highest quality sequencing services to meet the unique needs of each customer.

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