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Organ Culture

Experience the authenticity of human skin with Epistem's clinically relevant ex vivo skin organ culture model, complete with a genuine dermis.

This advanced model offers unparalleled accuracy for investigating the impact of novel therapeutic agents, providing reliable and valuable insights into their effectiveness. Epistem's experienced team ensures that reproducible and high-quality data is obtained from skin organ cultures, which can be used for patent support and claims. This service is supported by Epistem's fully GCLP accredited histology and immunohistochemistry service.

An Overview

Comprehensive Readouts for Thorough and Accurate Assessment of Therapeutic Agents' Effects

Cultured skin biopsies are used to investigate the effect of novel therapeutic agents, providing data which can easily be translated to human skin. Epistem can source skin samples according to requirements to ensure the model is representative of a specified skin type, including human hairy skin, which can be used to assess the effect of therapeutic agents on hair growth.

During the 7-10 day testing window, the skin biopsy is carefully maintained in culture to ensure that it remains viable and responsive to the application of novel therapeutic agents.

These agents can be administered both topically and systemically to effectively evaluate their efficacy.


  • Histometric analysis
  • Cell turnover rates
  • WST-1 assay for cytotoxicity screening
  • UV damage marker quantification
  • Gene expression including anti-ageing and anti-oxidant pathways
  • Protein expression

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