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Human Living Skin Equivalent

Advanced Solutions for Next-Generation Research Models

Epistem offers a cutting-edge research model called the Human Living Skin Equivalent, which enables researchers to study skin biology and test the efficacy and safety of various compounds. This innovative model closely mimics the structure and function of fully stratified human epidermis, making it a powerful tool for developing new skincare products, drugs and treatments.

Ideal for High-Quality Epidermis Research

With many years of experience in culturing Living Skin Equivalents, Epistem's team ensures reproducible and high-quality data that can be used for claims and patent support.

By culturing primary human keratinocyte and fibroblast cells, this industry standard model is perfect for studying the effects of novel therapeutic agents on the epidermis. The donor skin used to isolate cells can be specified to ensure the model is representative of the required skin type in terms of ethnicity, age, body site and more.

The 3D living skin equivalent model involves culturing freshly isolated human keratinocyte and fibroblast cells within a collagen gel at the air-liquid interface for up to 10 days.

Novel therapeutic agents can be delivered topically and systemically via the culture media. The model includes cell types such as keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and the option to incorporate melanocytes.

The service is also supported by Epistem’s fully GCLP accredited histology and immunohistochemistry service.


  • Histometric analysis
  • Proliferation, differentiation and apoptotic markers
  • WST-1 assay for cytotoxicity screening
  • UV damage marker quantification
  • Protein expression
  • Gene expression including anti-ageing and anti-oxidant pathways

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