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Versatile Tools for Advancing Skin Biology Research

Looking for the highest quality skin models to advance your research? Look no further than Epistem, where we offer a wide range of customisable 2D and 3D models that are rigorously tested for accuracy and quality.

Advanced Skin Models for Cutting-Edge Research at Epistem

At Epistem, we are dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of skin biology and developing new treatments for skin conditions and diseases. Our skin models are an important tool in this endeavour, and we are proud to offer them to researchers around the world.

Epistem’s Skin Services:

  • Wound healing
    • In vitro wound healing
    • In vivo wound healing
  • Monolayer assays
  • 3D skin models
    • Human living skin equivalent
    • Organ culture
  • Human skin xenografts
  • Psoriasis model
  • Hair growth model

Potential Investigations:

  • UV-induced DNA damage
  • Anti-ageing
  • Cytotoxic potential of pharmaceutical components
  • Stem cell response and skin regeneration potential
  • Skin response to cancer therapy
  • Hair growth and response to treatment
  • Skin lightening and darkening
  • Wound healing

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