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Subcutaneous Xenograft Models

Epistem's subcutaneous xenograft models (SXMs) are widely utilized in the evaluation of potential cancer therapies due to their simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

These models provide a wealth of knowledge on the growth and spread of cancer by mimicking the biological and molecular behaviour of the disease. They have proven to be a valuable tool in preclinical cancer research, offering a glimpse into the complex biology of cancer.

What's Available

Epistem offers a range of cell lines and readouts.

Epistem provides a variety of tumour cell lines (listed below) for use in subcutaneous xenografting experiments. In addition to these cell lines, additional services to create and provide novel xenograft models using both proprietary and commercially available cell lines are available.

Cell Lines

  • Colon: HCT8, HCT 15, HCT116, HT29, LS174T, Colo 205, LoVo, SW620, WiDr, DLD-1
  • Pancreas: BxPC-3, MiaPaca-2, Panc-1
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Head & Neck) H&N: FaDu
  • Prostate: PC3, LNCap, DU145
  • Lung: Calu-6, A549
  • Breast: MCF7, BT474, MDA-MB-231
  • Ovary: A2780
  • Melanoma: A375
  • Uterus: MES-SA
  • Bladder: J82
  • Syngeneic: CT26, 4T1, B16

Other cell lines can be developed on request.

Administering novel therapeutic agents to SXMs is typically via traditional methods (oral or intraperitoneal injection), or more specialized routes such as intratumoral injection and minipump delivery. SXMs can also be utilized to study the effects of combination therapies, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Primary Readout

  • Tumour volume

Intra study readouts

  • PK/PD
  • T-cell quantification

Further Readouts

  • Histology and immunohistochemistry
  • FACS analysis
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Plucked hair biomarker analysis
  • Biomarker identification and validation

Further readouts available on request.

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