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Epistem’s oncology portfolio efficiently advances agents through the drug discovery and development pipeline.

Our oncology team has a wealth of experience taking therapeutic agents from early-stage in vitro testing to clinical candidate nomination acquired in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. In vitro assays, ex vivo models, and in vivo models for oncology research are available, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to accelerate the development of new anti-cancer agents and improve patient outcomes.

An Overview

Epistem has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality preclinical oncology research services across all stages of drug discovery and development.

Epistem provides a highly specialised drug development service offering support from in vitro proof of concept, to in vivo efficacy assessment and biomarker validation and clinical sample analysis. Services are offered individually or as part of a comprehensive integrated package.

Experts have on-site access to a wide range of specialised assays and technologies, such as imaging systems, analytical tools, and animal models, ensuring data is of the highest level of quality and accuracy.


State-of-the-art and classic technologies available for Oncology projects:

  • NovoCyte Cytometer
  • Cytation 5
  • Fragment Analyser
  • Aperio Image Analyser
  • EPIC Array Kit
  • NextSeq
  • Bruker In Vivo Xtreme Imaging System

Epistem’s strong scientific foundation is built on several decades of ground-breaking stem cell research by Prof. Chris Potten. Based at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research at the Christie Hospital and the University of Manchester, UK, Prof. Potten identified and characterised the location and behaviour of stem cells in the intestine, skin, hair follicle and breast.

Manchester, where Epistem is located, has a well-established reputation for excellent cancer research and is home to the Manchester Cancer Research Centre. This partnership includes the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, Cancer Research UK and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of the UK’s leading centres for oncology clinical trials and radiotherapy research and hosts the world’s largest radiotherapy department.


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