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Bespoke Colitis Models

Customising Your Colitis Research: Discover the Power of Bespoke Models

Epistem has extensive experience delivering other IBD models with requirements to deliver specific data, within the framework of APSA policy and NC3Rs guidance.

Our Legacy Portfolio

We let our work do the talking: A Look at Two Customised Colitis Models

2, 4, 6-trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid (TNBS)-mediated model of acute colitis 

Like the DSS IBD model, this chemically-induced acute TNBS model exhibits components of the innate and adaptive immune system. Colitis results from impaired epithelial barrier function and sensitisation to luminal antigens. The model is characterised by acute weight loss, initial diarrhoea, stenosis and stool compaction. Colitis is focused within the mid and distal large bowel and is responsive to locally-acting steroids. 

CD8(+)CD62L(+) T cell transfer-mediated colitis 

Adoptive transfer of naïve cytotoxic T cells also causes a colitis, with similar disease presentation to colitis induced by the adoptive transfer of naïve CD4 T cells, although over a longer time course of up to 9 weeks. 


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