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Adoptive T-Cell Transfer-Mediated Colitis

Accessing Reliable and Relevant Research Models for Studying Adoptive T-Cell Transfer-Mediated Colitis

Epistem offers an adoptive T-cell transfer-mediated model of chronic colitis. This model is dependent on adaptive immunity and is suitable for the evaluation of therapies that can be administered either prophylactically or therapeutically.

Adoptive T-Cell Transfer Model Description

Advanced Research Models for Investigating Adoptive T-Cell Transfer-Mediated Colitis: Accelerating Progress in Immunotherapy Research

Adoptive T-cell transfer is a widely used technique for inducing colitis in preclinical research models. In this technique, naïve CD4+CD62L+ T-cells are isolated from healthy donors and transferred into recipient mice, where they activate an immune response and trigger inflammation in the colon, resulting in the development of colitis. Disease results from the activation of donor T-cells by luminal antigens.

This adoptive T-cell transfer model typically runs over 4-5 weeks. Colitis is associated with a Th1/Th17-type immune response and is characterised by epithelial hyperplasia, goblet cell depletion and infiltration of inflammatory cells into the mucosa and submucosa; crypt abscess formation and ulceration may also be observed.

Several combinations of donor and recipient mouse strains are available, including:

  1. Donor: BALB/c, Recipient: CB17/Icr-Prkdcscid/IcrlcoCrl
  2. Donor: GM C57BL/6J, Recipient B6.Cg-Prkdcscid/SzJ
  3. Donor: C57BL/6NTac, Recipient: B6.129S6-Rag2tm1Fwa N12

Discuss with our team to establish the model with new strains.

Primary Readouts

  • Large bowel histopathology

Further Readouts

  • Large bowel weight : length ratio
  • Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence
  • Diarrhoea severity
  • Weight loss
  • FACS analysis of inflammatory cell response
  • Multiplex analysis of serum and tissue cytokines
  • Protein expression
  • Gene expression
  • Intestinal permeability assay (FITC Dextran)
  • Fecal Lipocalin (Lcn-2) assay
  • T-Cell engraftment flow cytometry confirmation

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