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Antigen Presenting Cell Assay

The Key to Unlocking Inflammatory Response Modulation

Epistem's cutting-edge Antigen Presenting Cell (APC) assay utilises dendritic cells and macrophages to quickly generate data on the efficacy of your agent in modulating inflammatory responses.

What's Available

Fast and Efficient Inflammatory Response Modulation Testing

Epistem’s Antigen Presenting Cell (APC) assay is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of novel therapeutic agents in modulating inflammatory responses. The assay utilises dendritic cells and macrophages, and generates data quickly, making it suitable for both high and low-throughput screening.

Epistem’s APC assay begins by generating a pure APC population of bone marrow or monocyte-derived dendritic cells and macrophages. Following an inflammatory stimulus, a novel therapeutic agent is applied and its effects on APC differentiation and activity are assessed.

This assay allows for the direct application of novel therapeutic agents to evaluate APC activity and differentiation both before and after an inflammatory stimulus is administered. With this data, you can quickly determine the effectiveness of a novel therapeutic agent in modulating inflammatory responses.


  • FACS analysis of activation and T-cell co-stimulatory markers
  • Multiplex analysis
  • Gene expression
  • ELISA assay

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