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Immune Cell Assays

High-Quality and Innovative Models

Epistem's inflammation team is a leader in providing high-quality preclinical models and assays to the drug discovery industry. With over a decade of experience, their expertise in in vitro and in vivo studies is rooted in academic excellence.

Unlocking Mechanistic Assays

Experience Unmatched Precision and Reliability in Immune Cell Research for Drug Discovery

Epistem’s Immune Cell Services offer a range of mechanistic assays, including antigen presenting cell and T-cell assays.

These assays are essential for understanding the immune system and can be used to test the efficacy of therapeutic agents. With Epistem’s expertise and innovative approach, they are a valuable partner for companies looking to advance their drug discovery programs.

Innovation is at the heart of our work, and we constantly develop clinically relevant assays and models to support the drug discovery and development pipeline.

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