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Unleashing the Power of Preclinical Investigations with Advanced Imaging Technology

Trust Epistem to provide flexible and high-throughput imaging and analysis services to enhance the success of your preclinical research.

Cutting-Edge Imaging and Analysis Solutions by Epistem

Our state-of-the-art technology combines multiple modalities, enabling rapid multimodal acquisition and flexible imaging

Preclinical Imaging

Epistem offers a high resolution imaging system that combines four modalities; luminescence, fluorescence, radioisotope imaging and X-ray. We offer high-throughput, flexible imaging with rapid multimodal acquisition specifically designed for complex preclinical investigations.

Slide Scanning and Histological Imaging

Epistem provides digital slide scanning and histological imaging using an Aperio® ScanScope®. The digital ScanScope® slide scanner produces high quality images of full slides and can perform high-throughput quantitative image analysis which is not subject to operator bias. Images are publication ready and can be viewed remotely. Image archiving and analysis is fully GCLP compliant.

Image Analysis

Epistem offers both automated and manual image analysis as an extension to our histology and immunohistochemistry service. Epistem can perform this as either an inclusive part of an ongoing in-house study or as a separate stand-alone service.

From high-resolution imaging to digital slide scanning and histological imaging, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that enable you to make informed decisions about your research.

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