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Flow Cytometry

Enabling Rapid Analysis of Cellular Phenotype and Function

Epistem's Flow Cytometry services utilise a three-laser multiparametric flow cytometer to enable analysis of up to 10 optical channels, allowing for simple and rapid cellular analysis.

What's Available

Enabling Phenotypic and Functional Analysis of Various Cell Types with High-Throughput Capabilities

Our services facilitate phenotypic analysis with fluorescent antibodies, as well as functional analysis of fluorescently labelled cells, including cell cycle, apoptosis and cell proliferation analysis across a variety of cell types.

Our FACS machine also offers the capability for enrichment of rare cell populations for further phenotypic analysis using inline magnetic sorting. With automated labelling and 96-well assay format, our high-throughput analysis is available to meet your needs. Data analysis is highly sensitive with typical inter-sample carry over <0.01%.

Our Flow Cytometry services are available as a standalone analysis service or as part of a comprehensive integrated preclinical package.


Epistem’s FACS service can be used to support in-house models including:

Oncology: Target validation, cancer stem cell assay, solid tumour xenografts, orthotopic models, solid tumour orthotopic models

Inflammation: Inflammatory bowel disease, collagen-induced arthritis, leucocyte migration model, antigen presenting cell assay, T-cell assays


Capabilities of Epistem’s Flow Cytometry service:

  • Identification and characterisation of immune cells
  • Analysis of antigen-specific T-cells and cytokine-secreting cells
  • Whole blood cell analysis
  • Apoptosis and proliferation assays
  • Identification and characterisation of cancer stem cells
  • Cell fate tracking with fluorescent proteins
  • Monitoring cell viability, apoptosis and cell cycle
  • Fluorescent protein analysis
  • Identification and characterisation of circulating tumour cells
  • Solid tumour cell analysis (post-dissociation)

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